The Gauntlet of Feona by Kelechi Agu|The journey of Self-Discovery and Actualization

The Gauntlet of Feona_3rd_resizedThe Gauntlet of Feona is the first book from a trilogy series “The Curse of the Seventh Sword” written by Kelechi Agu. The first book introduces the protagonist, Davydd Miljorn who is a hunter and a thief living in the small town of Gor, in a kingdom known as Angweleth.  Despite being a thief, he really is a goody kind of guy.  That nature leads him to rescue the princess of Angweleth from certain death when her caravan is attacked by strange marauders.  This sparks a chain reaction of revelations and takes them on an unexpected quest to find a lost gauntlet.  That Gauntlet is the key to saving the human race from imminent danger.

This book is filled with adventure, action, magic and a decent dose of romance with a bit of tear jerking adventure. The author shared the inspiration behind the book, he said and I quote:

I was like 12 or 13 at the time and had visited England for the first time.  I remember being overwhelmed by its rich history and just the architecture… it was beautiful.  It made me dream and want to write.  So I did.  I would continue to write this book for the next decade or so.  Always starting and stopping.  I finally caught a break when I was studying for my masters.  I survived a pretty bad accident and the school gave me some time off to recover.  Everything in the car was destroyed, including my laptop and the hard drive.  The only document recovered was this book.  I took it as a sign that God wanted me to finish it so… I wrote it till the end.

When asked about lessons which the book inspires to infuse in the public, the author said: “ I did infuse a lot of my life philosophy – as inspired by my experiences – into this book.”

“First one is there’s greatness inside all of us and I think that shows with the protagonist who really embarks on a journey of self-discovery and actualization.”

“Secondly, there’s the importance of family and how the decisions we make affect the ones we love.  It really plays out with a lot of characters and how their world views are shaped by their experiences or lack thereof with family.” 

Hope this whets your appetite a bit lolllzz……If Interested, the book is available on Amazon and Okada Books.  The links are below:



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