#MWSpecial: All about the ultimate boy band S.S.E.S, their music and their personal lives.


Today on #MWSpecial, we’ve got the only boy band from the east banging in the west, S.S.E.S as our guest stars. This boy band is made up of three talented artistes, Stunna, Super K.O et(and, in french) Sugar Kay and their names formed the acronym S.S.E.S. Before they were signed into the prestigious record label, Big N Small Entertainment which merged them together in April this year (click here if you missed the press release for their signing), the artistes were solo artistes. But the merging didn’t diminish their music or the satisfaction they gave their fans individually instead it was increased as the merging of the three talents produced something better, different and dope.

screenshot_2016-09-23-21-35-21-1The ultimate boy band dropped their first single “Aku n’ Uba” in May this year (download audio here) and the video of this dope tune dropped some days ago (download video here).img-20160920-wa0004

Before getting into the interview proper, Let’s introduce you to the members of the Ultimate Boy Band, S.S.E.S.



Onyedika Chibuzo Aneke popularly known by his stage name Stunna (Mr.S of S.S.E.S) hails from Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State. He is the first child out of 3 children. This Graduate of Department of Chemical Engineering from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology loves to write and listen to music as well as read motivational books. He started his music career as a solo artist way back in secondary school.

SUPER K.O OF S.S.E.Simg-20160430-wa0002

Ifeakachukwu Oba known by his stagename, Super K.O. hails from Ndokwa West Local Government Area of Delta State. He is the only child of his family and currently a student of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology. Whenever he is not with his bandmates making dope tunes, he is either playing video games with friends or just hanging out with them. He started his music career as a solo artist in 2008 but released his first single “Your way” in 2012 which was Produced by Selebobo

SUGAR KAY OF S.S.E.Simg-20160430-wa0003

John-Kamen Bonaventure popularly known by his stagename Sugarkay Of SSES [S.O.S.] and also known as King Sucré hails from Ihembosi in Ekusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State. He is the last child out of 7 children and a graduate of Department of Mass Communication from Madonna University. He started his career as a Dancer before venturing into music as a solo artiste in 2009 and that same year he became the 1st runner up in the 2009 Edition of Glo Rock N Rule. Apart from making good music, he loves dancing, cooking and hanging out with friends.


What sparked your interest in music and how did your parents react to it?

Super K.O:- I can’t really say because I have always loved music, I even have a photo of me performing when I was just 2. My parents were not open to it at first especially because I am the only child but somehow they got used to it & understood that this is something I love & want to make money from.

Sugar Kay:- What sparked my interest in music is the fact that I wanted to dance to my own music. Growing up I loved dancing, I can even remember then my sisters will dress me up and take me to parties and I will dance and win all the spoons and cups. Even when I was writing WAEC, I was staying with a corper and I can remember that I usually sneak out just to go and dance and get paid. I once wanted to be a dancer, entered some competitions like Malta Guinness Street Dance couldn’t continue due to financial challenges but then Glo Rock N Rule came which was a dance and fashion competition came and I won it. Basically I got tired of dancing to other people’s songs and since I liked music, I wanted to dance to my own music.

Stunna:- I have always loved music, I’ll say that it runs in the blood because my dad would usually tell me how he paid his university tuition off his Disc Jockey (DJ) profession and he even has a gospel album at the moment but I’m the only person that has bothered to really follow music this far. I can even remember as a kid I would listen to a song for the first time and when I came to school the next day, I would sing the song at the morning assembly but with my own wording instead. All I can say is that music has always been in my head and heart.IMG_20160418_000718

What is S.S.E.S all about?

S.S.E.S stands for Stunna, Sugar Kay et Super K.O. It is a group of three talented artists, working together. More like a band.

What brought about S.S.E.S?

We were signed into Big N Small Entertainment as individual artists but one day we had a meeting with IllBliss, Oga Boss (shout out to him) and he looked at us and said “you guys should be a group”. A wired idea at first but with the progress we’ve made working together, we’ve come to love S.S.E.S more than anything. This right here is the future, I tell u! That was the amazing birth of S.S.E.S

Would you guys still perform individually as single artists?

Although we haven’t thought about it yet but this is a flexible plan anything can happen. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow but any action we take shall be in agreement. It could happen but for now everything is strictly about S.S.E.S

What are some of the challenges you have faced since you started your music career?

img-20160430-wa0008Super K.O:- The major challenge I faced was Family Challenge because they thought that I was crazy. Another is that there are hardly people around to support you because they feel that you are just wasting your time. Financial Challenge is another big challenge because you need money to record and produce your song, to promote your song amongst many other things. Another big challenge is proving yourself because as long as you haven’t made it, people around will always look down on you.

img-20160430-wa0001Sugar Kay:- Apart from the financial challenge which is like the major challenge, some other challenges include the fact that you are still upcoming for example situations where you go for a show, you do your mic check and they call you up and give you minimal time to perform, disregarding the fact that you probably came from a far place and you have prepared very well for it. I’ve been to a show where I was asked to tip the MC before I could perform, so desperate me, I tipped the MC and still was not called up to the stage. Those challenges are there because you haven’t made it in the music industry. Another is expectancy from family, they will always expect that you are making money from it and when you are not they try to intervene and if you refuse their help,more problems. For example, my sister got me a bank job sometime and I turned it down for music and she was very angry. There are many challenges but these ones I mentioned are like the major ones.

img-20160430-wa0006Stunna:-Now you know that in this part of the world entertainers are still generally viewed from a rather negative stereotypical mindset which births a lot of issues for us. Many people are yet to view entertainment as the lucrative business that it is, so almost everybody including your family looks down on you believing that you have simply chosen to be irresponsible. Since your family isn’t in support, they won’t bail you from the financial responsibilities of being an artist which means you are practically on your own in your music career pursuit. Everything is a challenge for an upcoming artist with limited funds, from production to recording, to promotion which is highly capital intensive.

What is your style of music and what influences it?

Super K.O:- I’m Versatile. I do Afro Pop, Rap, Hip hop, Highlife and so on. What influences any area of my music is that fact that I try to come down to everybody’s understanding. When writing a song, I draw inspiration from people’s story & my everyday life. I try to be as creative as possible.

Sugar Kay:- R N B, Dancehall and Highlife. Dance has always been my thing and I love to sing songs that people can dance and shake their body to. Another big influence on music style is GOD.

Stunna:- Rap is bae to me. While rapping, I go deep into my experiences, people’s experiences & what is happening around me & the society at large. What influences my music is life experiences, I use my music as a platform to express myself. I love to create music that people can easily relate to. I also love to inspire people through music, give people hope, remind them of the essence of life.

screenshot_2016-09-23-21-29-52-1Is there any special person in your life? If no, what qualities do you want in a lady?

Super K.O:-I am currently single. My dream lady has to be Smart, Independent, God-fearing, trustworthy and one that I have a connection with. She has to be good looking and beautiful because I would love to show her off.

Sugar Kay:-No special person in my life but my lady has be Kimanic in nature as in Victoria Kimani with the slim body of Yvonne Nelson and above all she has to be God-fearing

Stunna:-I am very single. As much as I like pretty ladies, my attraction to a lady is more intellectual than its physical. I like ladies that can communicate properly, Smart, God-fearing, independent (not in the sense that she will say that she doesn’t need a man but in the sense where she won’t try to choke me with an extra dose of responsibilities). For the physical- I’m open minded to skin colours and I want a lady that is nicely shaped (slim-thick). The combination Yvonne Nelson and Victoria Kimani is simply perfect.

 Best Moment since you joined Big & Small Entertainment

Super K.O:- Every moment ever since I joined Big & Small Entertainment has been memorable and magical from the studio to stages to the time when we are just chilling. All moments here has been great

Sugar Kay:- So many memories, apart from the day that I was signed into Big & Small Entertainment which is a very special memory, my best moment would be S.S.E.S’s first performance as a group.

Stunna:- The signing process was a memorable one because before I got signed I was tired of the way things were with my music career. Also each time we spend together whether in the studio or out of the studio has been magical believe me.

screenshot_2016-09-23-21-35-08-1Role models?

Super K.O:- Bob Marley, Big Sean, Casper Nyvolest, R. Kelly, Tu face, MI, Timaya and Wizkid.

Sugar Kay:- Tu Face 100000000x

Stunna:- Bob Marley, Don Jazzy, MI Abaga, Tu Face, Fela Kuti, Notorious B.I.G, Big Sean, J. Cole, Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

What will you like to be remembered for?

Super K.O:- I would love to be remembered for the right things. I want to touch people’s lives as much as I can and in anyway I can.

Sugar Kay:- I want to be remembered as the guy that helps people when they are in need.

Stunna:-A great man is not measured by his accomplishments but by the number of people he helps accomplish and I want to be remembered for that greatness.img-20160430-wa0007

Follow them on Instagram & Twitter

Stunna- @sforstunna

Sugar Kay- @iam_sugarkay

Super K.O.- @iamsuper_ko

Official SSES Account- @ssesofbignsmallent

Big N Small Entertainment- @bignsmallent (instagram) @bignsmallent1 (twitter)


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