#MWWSpecial with Eniola Ayomide, Founder/CEO of Bobo Media as he talks about his brand & its impact.

Tell us about yourself, family & educational background
My name is Olowookere Eniola Ayomide, the founder/CEO of Bobo Media. I was born on the 3rd of June, 1993 in Osogbo, State of Osun to the union between Engineer Ayodele Olowookere and Mrs Olayemi Olowookere. My paternal grandfather is the first London Trained fashion designer in Ondo State. He has a fashion designing outfit called ‘The Personal Tailor’. His clients were drawn especially from the highest position of the social pyramid. He was opportune to have designed clothes for one time Osemawe of Ondo kingdom. My maternal grandfather was a very popular politician during the Action Group political era, especially among his people of the old Ondo State. My father is a very successful Agric Engineer with track records of helping many farmers in Osun State to set up their farms while my mother is a successful caterer.
I started my formal education at Osogbo, Osun State where I had my elementary education and partly my post elementary education when my family later decided to relocate to the city of Ibadan in Oyo State. I was in JSS 2 when my family relocated to Ibadan. After completion of my secondary school education in Ibadan, I later secured admission to study Business Administration at The Polytechnic, Eruwa Campus, Ibadan, Oyo State and this was between the year 2011 and 2013.

Growing up, what was your dream career choice?
Growing up was fun. I grew up among ladies and feel more comfortable among ladies than their male’s counterpart. When I was in school, most people taunt me that I behaved more like the opposite sex.
When I was younger, I nursed the ambition of being an Office Manager but along the line by sheer providence and twist of fate, I found myself in the Business Administration Department.

Your interest in the media business, was it influenced by anything in your childhood or a natural trait in your family?
My interest in media business started last year when I was running a follow train on Instagram with a friend I met on Instagram. Follow train is helping people to gain more followers on Instagram. It was something that started as a pastime activity before I later discovered that I could actually be making monies from this. I gave the commercial side of it a shot and, lo and behold, the cash started coming in trickles and before I could say Jack Robinson my clientele base had increased within the spate of months.

For how long have you been in the media industry?
Going to a year. img_20160910_185540

Tell us about your brand, Bobo Media & when did you start it?
Bobo is the Yoruba slang for Boy so when I was younger people used to call me Eni Bobo as a form of salutation and that is where I got the name, Bobo. Bobo Media represents all that have to do with social media management for products launch, events promotion and songs promotion. The business started on 14 June this year but as a result of rebranding the company is currently undergoing, the developed brand will be officially launched on 13 September, 2016.

It is no news that building a brand is difficult but so far what has been your most challenge(s)?
Like every other budding business, the greatest challenge I had was getting people to know the brand and building their confidence in the brand to deliver.  God has been faithful though and with the dint of luck and hard work, I have been to surmount the challenge. I did not underplay the roles of a mentor. Along the line I thought to myself if I could get a well known celebrity, then the greater part of the challenges have been overcome. So I decided selling my business initiatives on social media to those celebrities that cared to listen. Through persistence and my resilience, I was able to connect with one of the renowned celebrities who liked what I was doing and decided to give me a trial. Though the monies was small but I cared little as what I wanted was to get a launching platform where I could showcase my talents to the world and I saw this celebrity offering me that platform.

img_20160910_090334-1Any plans of expanding the brand into other aspects of media & if yes, what aspect are you targeting?
Haba! Every business wants to expand beyond their coast. I am hoping to expand to all other frontiers of media. Linda Ikeji started from blogging and now she is expanding into TV and every other parts of media management. I see there are vast business opportunities on facebook which our youths are yet to discover and I hope to leverage on this. I want Bobo Media to be a one stop shop for all media needs.
Apart from your brand, do you personally have interest in any aspect of media & if yes, what aspect?
I love the news aspect because I spend most of my leisure time reading online newspapers.

What dream do you have for your brand & what should we expect?
I have said this earlier. I want Bobo Media to be a one stop shop for all media needs. 12631473_142485736132707_4304830965138932260_n

What do you like & what do you hate about the Nigerian Media Industry?
Hmmmm! The Nigerian media industry is still evolving and compares to media industries in developed climes, I think there are lot to still be learned. Technology wise and content wise, there are lots that need to be worked on. You know many people have not been to Nigeria and whatever they see and read about Nigeria are the impressions they have about Nigeria. And funny enough, players in the media sector are not doing enough to promote the positive side of Nigeria! This needs to be corrected. The Nigerian media industry needs to keep itself abreast of trends in technological development so as to be at par with other developed nations as far as media is concerned.

Albeit the aforesaid, the Nigerian media industry is giving young entrepreneurs like me platform to express ourselves.

What will you want your brand to be remembered for?
I want Bobo Media to be a media company offering cutting edges solutions to all media problems and I believe it is just a matter of time before I would achieve that.


Follow him on instagram: @am_eniola

Follow his brand on instagram: @bobo_medias


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