Ciara Wants to have a daughter and also Empower the Next Generation of Girls.

Image result for Ciara and family 2016Ciara lives with hubby Russell Wilson and her son Future Jr., so she’s pretty much surrounded by guys. That doesn’t mean, though, that she isn’t all about girl power!

Image result for Ciara 2016The 30-year-old singer led a discussion with young women from I AM THAT GIRL and Keds in celebration of Women’s Equality Day. Afterwards, Ciara explained exclusively to E! News why having open, honest conversations with next generation’s girls can be “game-changing” for all of us.Image result for Ciara 2016

“I kind of think about myself when I was younger, and there are times when maybe I wish I would’ve had a voice of wisdom to talk to me that probably could’ve saved me from a situation that I didn’t have to experience,” she said. “So days like this when we get together with I AM THAT GIRL and we’re able to talk to the young girls around the world, from all different places, it’s really important to be able to share your wisdom to help them in their lives too. And I also got to gain some things from them as well.”Image result for Ciara 2016

Ciara’s younger self could’ve used “a good shoulder to lean on” or some solid advice “in the department of love,” she said. But that’s why she’s all the more eager to have candid conversations with girls going through things she, too, experienced growing up. “I do think about, like, one day I may have a daughter,” she said, “or I get these opportunities like this to be here and to be able to talk to young girls, and it’s so important.”Image result for Ciara 2016


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