Kylie Jenner accused of ‘Plagiarising’ her New Eyeshadow Palette

Kylie Jenner recently released a new eyeshadow palette 3 days ago, kyshadow as she calls it, and it sold out in one minute. With the fast success of this palette, similar to Kylie’s other cosmetics like her lip kits that sell out in minutes, the success also came with a little shade.

It all started when New Zealand-based beauty Youtuber, Shannon Harris (aka Shaaanxo), tweeted a picture of Kylie’s eyeshadow palette next to a similar one from her own makeup line – which at just $11 is much cheaper than Kylie’s $42 version. Shannon kept the snap caption-free, and instead just used a couple of emojis, the frog and a cup of tea.kylie jenner shaaanxo eyeshadow bellanaijaScreen Shot 2016-07-30 at 00.21.3572016_

The shade didn’t go unnoticed, the twitter-verse beauty community had their say on the matter. Beauty enthusiasts like Doyin Adelekun, TheBossette Doyin on Youtube did swatches of both palettes to compare.

After all the backlash against the similar palettes, Shannon tries to clear the air with these tweets saying she will still buy Kylie’s palette and that most eyeshadow palettes look similar as well as tried to clear herself from the shade by saying: “No Beef Guys”


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