DJ Caise Covers the latest issue of Blanck Lite & Features in an Editorial Themed ‘Night Nurse’

Blanck Lite, the little sister of the editorial juggernaut, Blank is tapping into this spirit with its new edition.

For your visual entertainment and low in spirit woes, the magazine taps the King of mood changers, hip swingers; the Lord of mixes and a good time, acclaimed disc jockey, DJ Caise. The DJ in a somewhat spooky but visually refreshing editorial checks himself into the night nurse’s care. The DJ has made what was apparently previously not possible a thing – House music & Afrobeat mashups. His music is sweet to our ears and sonic opium we need to gyrate.


Also mending our fashion / beauty gaps with top advice is an editorial splash in this edition that will have you marching to the department store and your favourite make-up artiste to give you the fix you need. We recommend large doses. And tell them who sent you!


This edition is LITE on content pages as always – for a quick read but packs a punch that may leave you overdosed. Yes, we wrung the medical metaphor to death but this edition will give you LIFE!


Night Nurse: Starring DJ Caise and Titi Duyile (Beth Model Management)
Photography & Creative Direction by Remi Adetiba
Stylist: Yummie Ogbebor
Hair / Makeup: Odineka Ishicheli

Photography by Condry Calvin Mlilo
Model: April Alexander
Styled by Drey Mark (Dreystyles)
Retoucher: Alex Sedova
Make Up: Tamarie Rose

Photography & Make Up by Olubunmi Ogedengbe,
Models: Paris Elisse and Michelle Kayitesi, Hair by Juliet Abiola

Download the Blanck Magazine App on iOS, Android and Windows stores to read full issue for free.


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