Doowuse & Richard’s lovely pre-wedding photos| Kenny Photography


The lovely pre-wedding photos of Doowuse & Richard was shot by Kenny Photography and they illustrated that their love is like a strong burning flame that will never burn off. They decided to use an indoor location but as you know when barristers love, it can’t be contained as their love can even be felt through the photos.

Check the photos out….IMG-20160714-WA0004IMG-20160714-WA0005IMG-20160714-WA0006IMG-20160714-WA0007IMG-20160714-WA0008IMG-20160714-WA0009IMG-20160714-WA0010IMG-20160714-WA0011IMG-20160714-WA0012IMG-20160714-WA0013IMG-20160714-WA0014IMG-20160714-WA0017IMG-20160714-WA0015


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