O dear!! sponsors relative/sister emerges as winner in beauty contest and other contestants cry foul play.

Miss Catherine Agazar (Miss Gombe)pics  above has emerged as the winner of  Miss Nigeria Plus size 2016 which held yesterday 8 July 2016 at the imperial hostel lekki Lagos state. Her fellow contestants have sensed foul play  and are reaching out to anybody that wishes to  hear their cry, after pictures of the main sponsor of the event (Maryam Elisha ) were spotted severally on social media with the winner Miss Catherine

The contestants also said the winner was not a serious member @camp and left camp on various occasions,some  other contestants used the word “shabby” to describe here.Also the organizer  of the event Rakiya Ibrahim also gave out credit card to her to foot her bills with in the hotel.

Below are pictures of interviews with some of the contestants

Meanwhile if voting was a criteria or part of the criteria for winning. Miss Gombe had the least votes /likes on Instagram

During pre-judging a good source tells us that Miss Gombe was heard gisting  with the pre-judges instead of the usual question session. More pic of the Miss Gombe the alleged fake winner of the event

Information reaching me has it that the contestants left at the camp- Diplomat Hotel as at 1:15pm today (9th July)are being prevented from leaving the premises due to debt incurred and unsettled by the missnigeriaplussizebrand. And also the official website of the pageantry is currently shutdown:- http://www.missnigeriaplussizepageant.com
This leaves one to wonder how a brand that claims to give the winner : 5 million Naira cash, a brand new car, a trip to Paris and a furnished house in Lekki would be owing hotel bills at the expense of having their contestants embarrassed.
SOURCE: Sir Wels (www.sirwels.blogspot.com)

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