Kylie Jenner & Tyga are officially back together

Kylie Jenner, TygaThe on-again, off-again couple has appeared to be very much on in recent days. Kylie and Tyga had most recently split in May. They had last week sparked rumors of a reconciliation when he posted an Instagram photo that showed her sitting on his bed wearing the same dress she wore in her own pics the night before.

On Wednesday, she posted on her Snapchat videos of her and friend Jordyn Woods picking out nail designs. In the clip, Kylie showcases Egyptian-themed nail art, saying, “This reminds me of my husband.” Tyga has a own clothing line called Last Kings, which includes apparel and jewelry showing Egyptian pharaohs.

TMZ reports Tyga has reportedly become the West’s new neighbour. The 26-year-old is reported to be spending a total of $46,500 a month on the new house.

First was the picture of her sitting on his bed which Tyga posted, then the Snapchat video of Kylie calling Tyga her husband & now Tyga just moved closer to the family, All this points to the fact that the couple are back together & a source spoke to E! saying “they are back together & that the split had made them stronger”.


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