Nigerian Fashion Designer, Tochi Sylvia Mama launches her clothing line ‘Viama Labels’…..SEE Photos

IMG-20160629-WA0042Nigerian Fashion Designer, Tochi Sylvia Mama is the newest designer in the block & she just launched her first clothing line. This Law graduate of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus was born & raised in Enugu, she hails from Igbo Etit Local Government in Enugu State and is the last child of a family of Six. Though she has a strong flair for fashion but she also loves listening to music, dancing, watching movies & gisting with friends. She officially launched her clothing line, VIAMA LABEL today Friday, 1st July 2016 and MW caught up with her earlier within her busy schedule and discussed deeply with her on what the collection is about, her plans & what we should expect from her.

You are a new face in the fashion industry,  why did you join the industry?

I love the power of clothing and the transformative quality of dressing up , when i was young, maybe five years old,  I remember dressing up for  different events at school and i took pride in having the best outfit, also i would  also go to a neighbouring tailors shop to pick trash pieces to make sure my dolls were wearing the best outfit around to compete  with my friend’s dolls and the joy i had doing that was immeasurable.  IMG-20160629-WA0044

What aspired you to join the industry?

Irrespective  of the fact that I studied law in the university, i suppose i joined the industry  because of what it ultimately seeks to do. Fashion makes life more beautiful than otherwise might, there is something so idealistic about fashion  that seeks to challenge beauty, to change the collective eye and propose new ideas of what beauty can be and unlike any other form … the beauty that is often created in fashion is completely fleeting, it’s a moment. That ability to change, to constantly renew itself is probably what makes fashion  so intoxicating and I love the feeling of being intoxicated (smiles).IMG-20160629-WA0041

Where do you get inspiration?

My inspiration comes when I praise God, when I see Korean movies and when I am drinking wine. IMG-20160629-WA0040

What is your brand name and what does it stand for?

My brand name is VIAMA LABELS which is curled from my name Sylvia Mama. The name stands for distinctive gorgeousnessIMG-20160630-WA0007[1]IMG-20160629-WA0045[1]

What inspired this collection?

Since the project, the first thing I had to decide was which material to use, started  from that point, I wanted every material that I chose to have a different shape, so I focused on the natural shape of each fabric to see  how I can manipulate it to look amazing.IMG-20160629-WA0020IMG-20160629-WA0039

Tell us a little about this first collection of yours?

There is an outwardly quality in every piece, I combine the everyday with rich and refined fabrics to create both cooperate and casual look to ensure clients happiness while on the piece.IMG-20160629-WA0036

What age or class of people is the collection targeted at?

This collection is to offer to MEN what fashion has offered women a long time and enhance the fashion of WOMEN. It is for people who appreciate being gorgeous, chic, happy, taebak (awesome) . People who believe looking good is good business.IMG-20160629-WA0034IMG-20160629-WA0032IMG-20160629-WA0030

What message do you want your collection to spread on the body of your clients?

Besides being an extension of personality, or a mood or a way of expressing inner creativity, it is also a kind of mask. I love the transformative quality. The effect that the collection have on the way people see you and the way  you see yourself, it  carries a message of confidence, excitement, joy, and happiness.IMG-20160629-WA0024

Can You Tell Us About The Next Viama Labels?

My next collection will be launched before we are out of this season ,and its wider, eye catching  and tempting , it’s a collection everyone will fall in love with.IMG-20160629-WA0033IMG-20160629-WA0017

 Any Plans Of Participating On Any Upcoming Fashion Show Or Event?

I have plans on showcasing my brand in the upcoming AFRICAN FASHION WEEK, NIGERIA. This  July.IMG-20160629-WA0023IMG-20160629-WA0043

Who are the people you look up to in the fashion industry?

I look up to the likes of ALEXANDRA MCQUEEN, CHANNEL AND GUCCI.  I hope to be globally known like them some day.IMG-20160629-WA0029IMG-20160629-WA0031IMG-20160629-WA0019

What is your vision professionally in the next 10 years?

By the special Grace GOD , there will a whole lot of improvements, it will become a global brand, with top notch shops in and outside the country.IMG-20160629-WA0022IMG-20160629-WA0026IMG-20160629-WA0028

What is this first experience like?

It is my first experience in this area so it was a learning experience, i got to learn other aspects that make fashion complete. There are so many works behind the nice pictures including makeup, hairstyle, photography, lighting and so on. It was just an exciting experience.IMG-20160629-WA0018IMG-20160629-WA0037IMG-20160629-WA0021


My appreciation goes to the almighty GOD for he maketh everything possible, my profound gratitude goes to my parents and siblings for  being my support system and being my first customers. My special appreciation goes to my elder brother Mama Kevin Chijioke  for being the pillar behind this project. To Otti Onyinye for believing and trusting, to Abuchi,  for his time and patience, Jposh makeover for making my models glow with pride, to Kefeller Photography for giving the amazing shots. In Very special way  I thank my friend turned sister, Ada Nebo, for her hospitality, and then to my favourite people in the team. My models, you guys rock, asides the fact i cried severally for you guys, you made it all happen, Adaeze, Buchi, Chiamaka, Emmanuel, Ijeoma, Muphy and Oby. I love you guys.  My appreciation goes to BEN  BRUCE MURRAY.  For advocating on youth entrepreneurship and the need to brand Nigerian products. Lastly i thank myself for the struggle, it wasn’t easy. IMG-20160630-WA0005[1] DELVERY AVALIABLE IN ANY PART OF THE COUNTRY



PHONE NO; 07037568206, 07056028608.

WATSAPP; 07037568206, 08171372871

BBM; 5530051, 7AFBC24C.



E mail ;


Photography Credits: Anugo Osadebe @nuggyrockz of Kefeller Photography @kefellerworks


4 thoughts on “Nigerian Fashion Designer, Tochi Sylvia Mama launches her clothing line ‘Viama Labels’…..SEE Photos

  1. You go girl!.. Am so proud of you… Keep it up.. But I guess you must have big sizes.. And also the price is affordable.. Lol


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