#MWSpecial with Nigerian artiste Frankie “I came from the street & intend to give back to the street”


Edo State Born, Francis Osaletin Omokhua is not just an artiste but also a broadcaster & journalist. He is popularly known as Frankie. Born into the family of Mr. Omokhua who hails from Igueben Local Government Area of Edo State in Nigeria on 12th August 19**. He graduated from the Department of Business Administration/Management from the Federal Polythenic Oko. Frankie who has been in the broadcasting industry had worked with CTL Cable Television in Port-Harcourt, Cosmo FM, Raypower FM/AIT & now Dream FM where he is a sports presenter/OAP explains that his broadcasting career is simply God’s divine plan. Musically, he started his career far back in 1986 when he was part of a music group called ‘The Boyz’. Afterwards, he left the group to face other aspects of his life and since then hasn’t had the opportunity like others to continue with his music career until now. Frankie who recounted working with Top Nigerian Artiste like Phyno, Runtown, Veecko Kingz e.t.c while they were still back in Enugu expressed his sincere appreciation to his producer, Grand Mix for giving him several hit tracks which include his latest effort, Sexy Rosie which has given him a step up in the music industry. He also expressed deep appreciation to Big & Small Entertainment, one of the biggest record label in the South-East, for signing him and giving him the opportunity to carry on with what he loves doing.

What sparked your undying interest in the music industry?

I can’t remember if anything in particular sparked my interest in music as I have always loved music right from my tender age. I can remember that I always sang to my late mother (Otiti) especially anytime we went to the farm when I was little. Special thanks to her for her continued encouragement even when my dad (Raphael) wanted me to be a lawyer, she kept encouraging me to pursue my career. So I was born with music inside me.

IMG-20160617-WA0050You have experienced off-camera through broadcasting & on-screen through being an artiste, which will you say that you prefer?

They are all good as it’s all about entertainment. For you to succeed in what you are doing you have to have a platform and being a broadcaster has taught me to understand entertainment. I have been asked this question in many interviews about my career’s first love; and my answer is that I can’t choose one above the other because I love the both of them.

What if your music career takes a turn that demands all your attention?

This is business & I don’t intend to dump my broadcasting career as I plan to take it to the next level by having a broadcast outfit that will last for years and remain evergreen for years. But, if the need arises to dump one of them then I’ll have to let go of my broadcasting career for my music career.

What can you say is your style of music & what influences it?

What influences my style of music is my environment. Whenever I listen to great artistes like Tu Face, Wizkid, Sym19 and others sing, I go into my shell to do something better. When writing songs, I examine what the people like & what they look out for. Unlike the rest that are just into the beats, I’m into making songs that could last for years and I’m very careful with my lyrics. For me, I love Afro Music and R N B.

IMG-20160617-WA0053What are some of the challenges that you have faced since you started your music career?

My main challenge was proving myself because when there is talent but no push or encouragement, you find it difficult to make it but when there is encouragement and no talent, the person may still not make it. Before I got signed to Big & Small Entertainment label, it was difficult proving myself to people. A lot of record labels had turned me down but I’m glad to belong to the Big & Small Entertainment family because they believed so much in me. Another challenge that I have been faced with is the idea that people from the south-east finds it very difficult to help upcoming artistes. It is a fact that there are a lot of talents down here but artistes who have succeeded in their career have refused to render help which is not encouraging. Another challenge I faced was losing my mum because I would have wanted her to be alive to see what God has in stock for me.

IMG-20160617-WA0052You recently got signed to Big & Small Entertainment; in a few words can you describe the record label?

One word for the record label is Extraordinary because it is a record label with a different touch. Its composition is special and its existence has shown people that there is a need to grow from the former trend to a better trend. Big & Small Entertainment is a new order that the rest of the country is already feeling while the South-East is already hooked to it. I want to express my special thanks to the CEO of the label, Oga Jeff ‘Boss’ for his generosity because he is building opportunities for the younger ones with talents rather than just spending his money on his family & watch talents waste. Big & Small Entertainment is a success all because of him.

What will you like to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for raising humanity as I want to give back to the less privileged because growing up for me was never rosy. I came from the streets and I intend to give back to the street.


Photos: Kefeller Photography/ Anugo Osadebe


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