Jane the Virgin Actress, Gina Rodriguez debuts new hair cut

Earlier this week, the Jane the Virgin star posed for a casual selfie that revealed a significantly shorter hairstyle.

“Short hair, don’t care. Ha. Not true. It’ll take some adjusting,” she shared on Instagram. “I’ll just be a little crazy till the fairy dust settles!”

But as it turns out, this was only the first transformation for the talented actress. On Wednesday afternoon, Gina revealed her decision to shave the side of her head for a new movie role.

Bold new look: Gina Rodriguez showed off her buzzed haircut on an Instagram post on Wednesday

“Annihilation. #AnyaThorensen,” she wrote on Instagram while showing off her new hairstyle that could still be pulled into a bun.

She teased the bold new look on Twitter Monday as she shared a picture of her freshly chopped hair with the caption: ‘No hair, don’t care. #locksoflove.’ She shared her reason behind the look. “It’s for a film role,” she shared with one fan on Twitter. “And I love it.”


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