Big & Small Entertainment announces new artiste signings

IMG_20160418_000655Founded in 2011, Big & Small Entertainment’s broad experience with indie recording & management has given the perfect combination of energy, taste & commitment to scout the edges & find those artists who are capable of making a significant contribution to those who embrace the best of new music.


On April 18th 2016, this record label which is one of the most renowned labels out of Southeastern Nigeria signed in four new artists to the label & the artists signed are: Stunna (Mr. S), Super K.O., Sugar Kay & Frankie prior to their existing artiste, Mista Books


According to the Chairman & CEO, Jeff Ohaka, all that concerns the record label is showing the talents of his artists to the public through good music. He hinted that there will be a group project which involves three of the newly signed artists- Stunna, Sugar Kay & Super K.O and they will known as S.S.E.S…..Watch out for them guys….


Check out this Saturday’s #MWSpecial because Mandy Williams will be chatting with Big N Small Entertainment…..


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